We offer a range of training opportunities for all levels of interest and experience with faith-based consensus.

The Case for Consensus – a 1-hour presentation outlining the benefits and challenges of using consensus, for groups considering changing their business process to consensus. Offered in person and on line.

Introduction to Faith-Based Consensus – a 2- or 3-hour seminar for all members of your group, covering the basics of using consensus in a faith community. Offered in person and on line.

Spirituality of Consensus – a 3-hour guided reflection on the connection between group decision-making and your personal and collective relationship with God. The perfect companion to our Introduction to Faith-Based Consensus seminar listed above. Offered in person and on line.

Advanced Facilitator Training – a 3-day intensive for “consensus champions” in your group who will lead meetings and mentor others. Offered in person only.

The Art of Taking Minutes – a 2- or 3-hour seminar for those who want to become adept at recording minutes for consensus-based meetings. Offered in person and on line.

Meeting Facilitation – an impartial facilitator to lead group meetings when everyone in your community has a stake in an important decision you are facing and no one within your group can be impartial (a necessity for effective facilitation). This is a great way for search committees and long-range planning groups to ensure that everyone gets to participate fully.

Process Mentoring – real-time support for facilitators before, during, and after they lead meetings of groups new to consensus.